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Gary Valenciano
from the album: Relevance

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I could hold on for a hundred years
When all else is gone
I would still be here
In a memory of things yet unseen
Id remember all that weve never been
And I cannot wait to see
What life has in store for me

In another lifetime
It would be forever
In another world
Where you and I
Could be together
In another set of chances
Id take the ones Id missed
And make you mine
If only for a time
My life would matter
In another life

And Id stay as strong and Id stay as true
And youd have forever now to think it through
Coz I believe what wasnt meant to be
Wasnt meant for now and
Someday youll see
In a place and time we never know
Id be standing there waiting for you
[Repeat Chorus]

You would be mine
But until that time is now
Id be holding on somehow
[Repeat Chorus]

But until that time
Ill be holding onto forever
Until another life